Live AV set
21.09.2017, 21:00-22:00, Academy Yard
E.U.E.R.P.I. is a solo ambient drone project of Miryan Kolev. For last 5 years, since  start playing live, he did over 100 shows and he has taken part of many festivals and stages in Bulgaria, Norway, Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, Poland. Also doing collaborative performances with other musicians, visual artist, dancers. and performing at different kind of places - from intimate performances in small art cafes, through galleries, cultural centers, music clubs, art, film and music festivals to shows in cathedrals, caves, airports. Every place is unique, so every performance is unique.
He starts his ambient project with the idea to present music as an expression, or in other words to be able to convey emotions in most pure form without frames. He uses mainly guitar through software effects and other non-traditional objects/instruments.
Just few days after his performance at Hwaem-sa temple in the mountains of South Korea comes directly to DA Fest.