Satellites (Mission Stuttgart)
Satellites (Mission Stuttgart)
A Drama About Life In A Space Between Science and Fiction
Co-production between post theater (DE) and SubHuman Theatre (BG)
Theatrical multimedia performance, Bulgarian premiere 
23.09.2017, Saturday, 20:00 - 21:00, Studio 1, NAA

At the end of the 1980s, a cosmonaut from Bulgaria and an astronaut from West Germany were sent to a secret international mission in space. Almost 30 years later, they are still in their space station, forgotten by the world, surviving by hibernation. When they wake up in 2017, something is different… Do the two inhabitants of the space station want to return to a world that is has changed much more then them?

Mareile Metzner (performer)
Patrick Khatami (performer)
Max Schumacher (artistic direction/theatrical direction/text)
Venelin Shurelov (artistic direction/stage installation)
Yoann Trellu (programming/media art)
Sibin Vassilev (sound design/music)
Elliot Bursch (light design)