The experimental team – Malak Ruchei
The experimental team – Malak Ruchei
The experimental team – "Малък Ручей" presents a spill of digital adolescence with the Bulgarian one. Through a set of transgressive methods, the project deforms the inheritance of the national with an ironic smile to find soil for itself ... 
Our project is a digital dadaism - our music is a blow to the air, an excess of power, a lack of purpose.

19.09.2017, Thuesday - from 16:00 h till 18:00 h
19.09.2017, Thuesday - from 22:30 h till 24:00 h 
Bogomil Martinov Bratoev is a Bulgarian graphic designer living in Sofia. Student at the National Art Academy, 2nd year “Printmaking”. Experimental artist in the field of digital art.
Yves-Cristian Grigorov Angelov is a free artist born and living in Sofia. Graduate of Bulgarian Philology at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", from 2015 leads the musical project"няма никой".