DA Lab
DA Lab


DA Lab
19-23.09.2017, 16:00-24:00, Studio 56, NAA
DA Lab is a new module in the DA Fest program that introduces new and experimental projects to young authors who this year are dominant musical and audio-visual. The format is a laboratory for presentation and experiments live in an informal environment of a studio in the Art Academy.
DA Lab is the chill out area of the festival where people interested in experimental music and audio-visual art can meet and share ideas and experiences, and later in the night continue with live AV set and party... 


DA Lab presents:
19 - 23.09. 2017, from 16:00 till 18:00 h
DA Lab: A/V live set & party:
19 - 23.09.2017, from 22:30 till 24:00 h
At Studio 56, NAA, 1 Shipka Str., Sofia