Expression 4
Expression 4
Expression 4
by Lubomir Minchev and Nikolina Nedialkova
Expression 4 is an audio-visual project with moments of improvisation.
The musical form traverses the path from acoustic to electronic, flowing the in the another. The project is stylistically diverse and introduces the audience to various emotional states. The musical part is filled with instrumental performances related to DJing techniques. The visual part is experimental with the refraction of "standard" images and their animation.
Also, animated shapes and silhouettes blend into various styles.
20.09.2017, Wednesday - from 16:00 h till 18:00 h
20.09.2017, Wednesday - from 22:30 h till 24:00 h 
Lubomir Minchev is a musician with interests in the visual arts from Rousse. He moved to Sofia and from a music school, ends up in a high school for the fine arts. Currently he teaches at the National Art Academy, specialty "Design for the Children's Environment"

The impact and the combination of different types of mediums and sensory information is one of the main interests of Nikolina Nedialkova. After some dedication in the world of fine arts, her interest in working with physical space unfolds in the even broader spectrum of digital arts and the transfer of digital information into our space. Her works are not concentrated in any aesthetic or conceptual form.